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Cool Tchokies

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 3 months ago

Assuming the wiki will be alive during the conference, this is a place to list any cool tchokies (give-aways, swag, incentives, whatever you want to call them) that you find on the show floor (or elsewhere)


Does anyone know if they will be giving certification exam vouchers to the Biz Partners during Biz Dev Day this year?


A: According to a posting in Partner forum there will be a voucher for one exam (for either the AD Upgrade or the SA Upgrade -- 801 and 802) in each BP's bag



FYI: CertFX is giving 20% off of their Practice Exams

Use Coupon Code: LS2008




FYI: CertPrimer is offering 30% off their practice test books for the ND8 Upgrade Exams (801 and 802)





Here's another use for this page -- If you are looking for a particular type of swag, post it here and we can respond.


I'm looking for a badge holder -- one of those things you clip your badge to that has a retractable cable so you can wave your badge to gain access  in your building.  My "Lotus CLP" one that I got in the cert lounge a couple of spheres ago has died.

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