Your 2008 Certified Unofficial Lotusphere T-shirts are in production now, and will be shipping out to Orlando in a few days! 


You really should thank all your sponsors (listed below) for spending serious money to have these made for you.


--- Thank you,   Andrew Pollack - C.U.L.T. Leader for 2008!


By the way - This year's list, printed on the back of the shirt, are the top 10 reasons why the

Pirates of Collaboration use Lotus Notes & Domino!   Also, for those of you who don't get it,

look less closely for the reference to Eclipse.    Arrrrrrr.....







So where's the "top 10 list"? And did I miss the call for suggestions?  I'm bummed, I wanted to make my 4th CULT shirt.

A:   The top ten list is printed on the back of the shirt, and awaits your viewing at LS.  To be honest, the reason it didn't get called for input was time. 

Both Rocky and I were extremely busy this year and by the time we got to that part there just wasn't time.  Suggestions were drawn from a few

people we happened to be able to grab in I.M.    Even still, we think you'll like them.