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Guess the Bag Contest

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 5 months ago

Here's a fun game we can all play, Guess the style of bag that will be handed out to the attendees.


We seem to be on a 2-year cycle (2K2 and 2K3 were shoulder bags, 2K4 and 2K5 were black backpacks, 2K6 and 2K7 were yellow backpacks) so we should get a new style for 2K8.


So, guess the style (or other significant feautres) of the attendee bag and win . . . something, I don't know, bragging rights or maybe Andrew will kick in a CULT shirt.


Place predictions below:


My Prediction is a "messenger bag" -- those "One shoulder backpacks" that you frequently see bicycle messengers using. 


---Danny Lawrence





I think they'll stay with the backpack.  It seems to be the more preferred choice





Big Blue backpack. 



 Most likely with have a lot of Yellow.  Hopefully it will be similar to the 2006 Backpack (my personal favorite)




Ditto - the 2006 was the best - 2007 was a step backwards.  A little bigger would be nice - the 2006 fits a 17" laptop, but barely.




 I did not get a bag, since I am going as press/media. First time in 12 years I did not get a bag. But it is yellow and black, looks a little bit more like the 2006 back from what I can see, with a molded plastic/rubber handle. 

Yeah, whoever said "a lot of Yellow . . .  similar to the 2006 Backpack" is the winner!


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