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Lotusphere Lore

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 Here is a compilation of interesting facts of Lotusphere pasts.  Please feel free to correct any errors, fill in the blanks, or even add another column.


Year Location Attendance Theme Phrase Top Messages Host OGS Guest(s) CGS Guests(s) Sun Night Reception Wed Night Party Memorable Moments


Orlando  2300  Working Together    Don Bulens  Geoffrey Moore      Disney/MGM  All attendees fit into the Indiana Jones Show
1994 No Event*                  
1995 Orlando   The Right Event.
The Right Solutions.
Right Now.

Ray, Mussie and  R4 preview get standing ovations.


Paula Poundstone performs at first annual Beacon Awards banquet.

1996 Orlando  

Release the Power

 R4 "Release"


"Work the Web"

  no guest speaker  Cirque de Soleil  

Universal Studios -

The Neville Brothers

 Landry does Spiderman


Michael Davis performs at Beacon Awards banquet.

1997 Orlando    Pool of Knowledge

Don't compete with, embrace the Web.


iNotes Web Publisher, and eventually the "Domino" name

Ray Ozzie Avery Brooks      Magic Kingdom -The Doobie Brothers  Lou Gerstner speaks.
1998 Orlando    Cultivate Your Senses R5 Steve Beckhardt ? Jamie Clark and Alan Hobson Bill Nye   Disney/MGM - Earth, Wind & Fire  
1999 Orlando    LOTUS: A Part of Every Solution R5, KM Jeff Papows Jim Lovell and Gene Krantz     Sea World - Pointer Sisters

"I AM" signs

The R5 Guy

2000 Orlando 10000  Looking Forward/Forward Looking Raven, DAMO Jeff Papows > Al Zollar Walter Cronkite     Universal Studios Island of Adventure - Chicago

1000 yellow AT&T mobile phone giveaway

First CULT shirt "Notes World Order"

2001 Orlando 10000  In The Know Lotus K-station , Lotus Discovery Server Al Zollar

Al Franken

(+ Francis Ford Coppola)

Umbilical Brothers   Wide World of Sports/
Brian Setzer Orchestra
 CULT Shirt: Domino Survivor
2002 Orlando 6000  Proof Positive Rnext will be ND6, Branding of "Lotus Software", J2EE Al Zollar Ben Stein Kevin Nealan   Disney/MGM  CULT Shirt: Fellowship of the Domino Ring
2003 Orlando    The Essential Human Element NextGen, DB2       Al Zollar > Ambuj Goyal Rudy Guiliani
Bounce (dancers)
Dr Ronan Tynan  Super Bowl game on the big screen?? Magic Kingdom  CULT Shirts Just-us League & Collaberation League
2004 Orlando 5273  The Workplace for Innovation The direction is clear, the path smooth Ambuj Goyal Patrick Stewart Richard Jeni   Universal Studios CULT SHIRT: "CULT SHIRT ON HUMAN"
2005 Orlando 5800  Envision Decisions Notes & Workplace converging
Ambuj Goyal John Cleese Steven Wright Country Western theme??? Universal Studios Island of Adventure

Ray Ozzie



"Zen of Collaboration"

2006 Orlando 6000  FutureInSight Workplace, Activites, Sametime 7.5 Mike Rhodin Jason Alexander Jim Gaffigan  Gambling tables in the Swan dining tent??? Sea World

 Yellow Is The New Black


CULT Shirt:

"CULT Man Group"


2007 Orlando 7000 IT Revolves Around You

Notes/Domino 8, Quickr, Connections


Save the client, save the world

Mike Rhodin Neil Armstrong
Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra
Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson   Animal Kingdom  


"I AM ____"

2008 Orlando  7000+  Emergence

Lotus Mashups

Lotus Foundations

Lotus Bluehouse


 Mike Rhodin

Bob Costas,

Orlando Symphony Orchestra

 Chef Alton Brown Theme:  Beach Party Universal Studios Island of Adventure



"Pirates of Collaboration"


 *Lotusphere '93 was held in December, subsequent events were in January

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