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LS 2008 online - when will we see it

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 3 months ago

 How soon until we get the email about the 'online' website?  Should be any day now, right?



I took a look back to my Lotusphere 2007 related e-mails and found that I received my Lotusphere Online information on January 10th last year.  So, I would assume we'll see something this week on Lotusphere Online for LS2008.


Every year it seems to be later and later, so lets hope it's up by the end of the week (1/11/2008).



Bueller?   Bueller?  Anyone?


Per Planetlotus.org, the emails about the LS online 2008 site is up -- http://www.ls08.net.  But I haven't received the email myself so I don't have my logon password yet!



Check your spam folders for your LS2008 Online email.  That's where I found mine with the sender of "Unknown" [mailer@ls08.net on behalf of (Unknown)].

FYI:  You can also use either your user number from the e-mail or your e-mail address that you used during registration for the UserName on the login page -- http://www.ls08.net -- The password is the confirmation number from your Lotusphere registration.


NOTE:   While the password is that conf#, it appears you must change case.  All the letters are lower cased in your password's version.


 Still haven't received my login/password.  This seems to be a reoccuring yearly event.  Why does it take days for these to be mailed?


-- I never got mine and I suspect my company email system (Outlook Web Access... sigh) ate it, even though it wasn't in spam, junk or deleted folders.  Anyway, the trick is to use the email you registered with as your logon ID and convert your six character confirmation code to lower case  -- example ABC123 would be abc123 for your password.



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