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Tips from the Experienced Members

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on December 20, 2007 at 11:27:11 pm

Put your best advice for Lotusphere NEWBIES here




Do NOT buy new shoes to wear at the 'sphere.  You will be walking a lot and if those shoes don't fit, you'll regret it.  Buy a pair of shoes now and and break them in over the next few weeks. 


Here is a pair of shoes that both Sean Burgess and Gregg Eldred highly recommend.



Don't be afraid to talk to people, especially those whose blogs or posts on Notes.Net you read.


I've posted my "guide" on my blog.  Lots of tips, too many to type out again ;-)


 Grab the free water (and non-melting) food while you can at the breaks for later. You don't want to be desperate and go to Tubbi's in the middle of the night.


Plan your session list well ahead. Always gives yourself alternates. Ben's sessions database is great for that because it shows you everything in the same time slot.



Plan smart. My first year at Lotusphere I didn't realize that the Swan and Dolphin are so far apart, or that getting from DL S Hem 1 to SW 1 is about half a mile. Swan & Dolphin floorplans are the floorplans.



As Sean said, good WALKING shoes are a must!! You will be walking at least a couple of miles a day.


Dress for comfort.  Keep in mind that Orlando's average high in January is 72 (but they did have a record low of 26 during Lotusphere 2003). Last year it rained a bit and made things just miserable, and it was pretty chilly a couple of evenings.  Just keep an eye on the weather and plan accordingly. Last year I nearly froze to death in some of the sessions so I'm bringing a light jacket I can stuff into my backpack.



PARTICIPATE! The presenters are people too so don't be afraid to talk to them. Talk to your fellow conference attendees. Don't eat lunch alone or just with your coworkers. Go to the BoF's and spend time in the labs. There is a whole lot more to Lotusphere than just running from session to session.




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