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It seems some of you have been passing around the non-editing URL for this wiki.  That's not playing fair.  To make edits, please access this wiki with the following URL:




Put requests for rides and contact stuff here:





Anybody want to share a ride from the  Orlando Airport to Disney?  I'm arriving around 4:00 on Saturday the 19th.   I'll be renting a car at the airport and driving over to the Swan/Dolphin (to register) and then to Port Orleans (where I'm staying).  The cost to rent the car is $60, so if I can get 2 people to join me it'll be $20 each, and if I get 3 it'll be $15.  While this is more expensive than the Airport  Shuttle (or the Disney Magic Express) it has some advantages:


1. I'll be renting from National, which is in the Airport, we grab our bags, walk over to the parking garage, pick up a car and go, no waiting for a shuttle to fill.

2. I'll make a stop at a local grocery store before we get to the Swan/Dolphin, if you want to pick up some "room survival snacks" at non-Disney prices.

3. If you are staying in Port Orleans, you can pick up your conference materials before you check in at PO, so you don't have to make the PO-Dolphin-PO-Dolphin round trip on the conference shuttle busses. 


place a responce here or email dantemann@gmail.com


Response: I tried to do the rental car my first year and they would NOT let me park at the Swan/Dolphin to register. But then again, that was Sunday.


 Responce to Responce: I've done this before and I'm pretty sure they don't start the parking enforcement until Sunday. Also since I'm renting from National and the Dolphin is a National Drop off point, I can sneak in that way (which is what I do on Sunday).  Also if any of my "passengers" are staying in the Dolphin I can use their name as well.


What's the deal with the the Disney Magic Express shuttle service.  I've always stayed at the Swan/Dolphin, so I was never eligible.  However, I'm going on a budget this year and staying at Disney's All Star Sports.  Are they supposed to send me some information about the Disney Magic Express?  Has anyone used this service before for airport-to-hotel transportation?




I've never used the Magic Express either, but my understanding is that the advantage is they will grab your bags in the airport and deliver them to your room without your intervention, a nice feature, but you are still stuck on a shuttle bus that may make "up to 4" stops (to quote the DME website) before you get to your hotel.  As far as the conference goes, it would be nice if you could go to the Swan/Dolphin (to register for the conference and get your materials) while your bags went to the All-Star, but I wonder if they can handle it.



I stayed at Port Orleans Riverside last year, and took DME.  They did send me information in the mail a couple of weeks in advance.  Riverside was the 4th stop, and you probably won't be surprised to learn that the bus was full of noisy children and video monitors advertisting Disney parks and activities.  But while it wasn't peaceful, it was well organized, reasonably fast, and it was very nice that the bags just show up in your room.   There's no point to taking Mears if you're staying at a Disney resort (and actually, Mears seemed to be running the buses, anyway).


I haven't received an 'official' email advising that I can make a DME reservation.  However, I called Disney today and my res. has already been transferred to Port Orleans Riverside.  I should get my luggage tags in about a week.  Conference is just around the corner, so start making those phone calls!





Just received my DME reservation notice last night (Jan 8th).  I haven't made the reservation yet, but it appears that this can be done via their website as well as by phone call.




DME sends you Baggage Claim tickets to attach to your luggage.  (Similar to the Airlines' tags).  It is bar coded with your hotel information.  I called yesterday and they overnighted the tickets and information.  If you are vacationing at Disney, they send these out 3 weeks before departure.  Your bags will arrive after you check in.  The wait could be as long as 4 hours for your bags to arrive at your room, so prepare for that with your carry on items.




At the Disney hotel you are staying at, ou can check your bags on the airline (not all airlines supported) for the return trip.  No need to carrying them back through the airport to go home :^ )



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