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Where Are The Parties

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 3 months ago


There are usually some good parties at LS -- Post yours here and maybe someone will show up.



Saturday, January 19th, the Over The Rainbow group will be having drinks and dinner at Spoodles on the Disney Boardwalk.  If you're a member of the LGBT community, or don't mind hanging around people who are, let me know and I'll include you in the reservation count.  A time has not been set yet, I'll update this when one is chosen.

 There is usually an get together at the ESPN Zone on the Boardwalk starting around 7 or 8 on Saturday evening.  It isn't a party per se, it is more like "a bunch of people hanging around before the conference starts", but it is a way to run into people.

 B.A.L.D.  Bloggers Annual Lotusphere Dinner.  Saturday late afternoon (3:30-4:00 -ish until whenever, usually not until we all troop over to ESPN) at the Boardwalk brew pub/restaurant - "Big River Grille and Brewing Works."  This is not an event only for bloggers, everyone is welcome, but at least 50 bloggers will show up.

Norwegian Lotus geeks use to have a party in one of the restaurants in the Downtown Disney area on monday. If you' didn't receive an invitation call IBM Norway and ask them for details



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